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P is for Parent

Pronunciation [pear-ant] /ˈpɛːr(ə)nt/ Noun.

A person’s father or mother.

"To describe Laura and her team as ‘tutors’ grossly understates the influence they have had on our son."

"He has gone from a student with chunks of missing curriculum to top of his English class. The lessons are engaging, challenging, relevant and fun, and the approach to learning has had a profound impact on his progress across many subjects."

"We would have no hesitation in recommending Laura’s team to anyone we know."

Rhona, Parent

As a parent, you face a series of difficult decisions, such as choosing the best school for your child to flourish.

We’re here to help you navigate both the emotional and logistical sides of transitioning your child in to the right school for them.

It’s important for parents to feel in control of this process, so we offer candid feedback about your child’s progress every step of the way.

Keeping track of your child’s progress

To keep track of how things are going, you’ll be able to log in to our online portal, where your child will have their own profile page. After each session, we will update their timeline with photos and offer detailed feedback on their progress.

Above all, our feedback is honest. We won’t be secretive about your child’s progress or hide where they sit in line with their peers. If at any point we think it’s necessary, we can offer fast track referrals to some of London’s most respected specialists, from consultant paediatricians to play therapists.

Our online portal is designed to fit in with your busy lifestyle. Everything from booking additional sessions to managing your child’s educational enrichment over their summer holidays can be easily done on the go.

School consultations

The schooling system in England can be daunting, especially if you haven’t experienced it for yourself.

Whether you’re hoping to get your child in to one of London’s most academic schools or are trying to navigate the statementing process, we’re here to offer practical and emotional support.

When looking at schooling options, we start by focussing on your child, considering the best place for them to flourish as an individual, rather than concentrating simply on the most academic school.

For example, your child might benefit from attending a more nurturing pre-prep, to allow them to build the resilience required to flourish at a more academic senior school.

We have longstanding working relationship with a number of London schools. This means we can talk openly with them about your child’s individual needs and their personality, giving us the opportunity to decide whether a school is right for them.

This also means that if and when we make recommendations, we can stay in dialogue with the school to ensure they are being implemented and work together.